Leave Your Future Generations with the Values and the Lessons that made you who you are

Legacy Live specialises in producing beautiful documentary films and books that aim to immortalise and authenticate the lessons and power of the individual.

Legacy Live will sensitively document your life story and family history for the benefit of generations to come, providing a modern heirloom that will be treasured forver

Our high quality productions aim to reflect who you really are. Share important life lessons, struggles and achievements that have shaped your life and your family’s




"These untold secrets have monumental significance to me and my family and have had a huge impact on our understanding of my mother's difficult war experiences"

− Evelyn Nuszen, Israel

"I have seen and used various video materials on the holocaust and have never seen anything as well made and compelling as your productions."

− Rav Ilan Segal, Jerusalem

"Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift. The book is simply superb and is a beautifully crafted tribute to a remarkable man."

− Naomi Kingston, UK

"How thrilled I was! Congratulations! It really is a work of art and to treasure."

− Cheryl Iman, Italy

"I am sure our Parents will be melitzei yosher for us all. We have watched the trailer again and again. Thank you thank you thank you"

− Aviva Adler, UK

"What an unreal film you made. It so clearly has your mark on it! It’s truly amazing and immensely powerful."

− Rabbi Roberts, London

"Delighted with the book. Really excellent."

− Conrad Morris, Israel