Preserve Your Life, Memories and Values to Pass on to Your Future Generations

Capture Your Essence in Book and Film

Your life is a tapestry of memories and stories. And for your family it is so much more. For the values, principles and beliefs that have guided your life are now embedded in your family’s identity.

Your chein, your smile, the twinkle in your eye that reflects your heart and soul.

An unbreakable link to the past.

And an eternal bond with the future.

In today’s world of rapid change and uncertainty, how can we teach our great-grandchildren the wisdom and soulful Jewish values that add so much stability, meaning and purpose to life?

Legacy Life offers you a very practical, personal and powerful solution.

A book or a film.

We will work closely with you and your family to create a cherished gift every member of the family – present and future – will turn to again and again. Something that will perpetuate the values you live by, the lessons you have learned and the love you wish to pass on to future generations.

A living legacy.

Priceless Family Heirloom

You will be proud you have invested in such an exquisite gift for your family and they will be so grateful to you for doing so.

You will give your family so much pleasure and inspiration when they dip into the book or watch the film.

And the peace of mind you will all feel, knowing you have done this, is priceless.

"These untold secrets have monumental significance to me and my family and have had a huge impact on our understanding of my mother's difficult war experiences"

− Evelyn Nuszen, Israel

"I have seen and used various video materials on the holocaust and have never seen anything as well made and compelling as your productions."

− Rav Ilan Segal, Jerusalem

"Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift. The book is simply superb and is a beautifully crafted tribute to a remarkable man."

− Naomi Kingston, UK

"How thrilled I was! Congratulations! It really is a work of art and to treasure."

− Cheryl Iman, Italy

"I am sure our parents will be melitzei yosher for us all. We have watched the trailer again and again. Thank you thank you thank you"

− Aviva Adler, UK

"What an unreal film you made. It so clearly has your mark on it! It’s truly amazing and immensely powerful."

− Rabbi Roberts, London

"Delighted with the book. Really excellent."

− Conrad Morris, Israel