Legacy Live is about giving people the opportunity to pass on
their values, personality, priorities and life story to their future generations.

Legacy Live is the multimedia division of JRoots, a non-profit organisation specialising in Holocaust education, Jewish heritage tours and passing on the values of past generations to present and future ones.

JRoots teaches thousands of young people about the Holocaust through trips to Poland accompanied by survivors. In late 2011, Rabbi Naftali Schiff, Founder and Director, had a broader vision.

He thought it could have even greater impact if they transformed hours of extensive trip footage into films. And so the first Legacy Live film was created, the highly regarded documentary “Your Faithfulness in the Night.” From there, the road was short to developing films and books about individuals and Legacy Live Productions was born.

Through our work we are able to spread timeless Jewish messages to enrich lives, make our communities stronger and show the world the values the Jewish people have to offer.

All Legacy Live profits are invested in furthering the aims of JRoots – educating Jewish youth about their past so they can create a better future.

More from Legacy Live Productions

Lady J

Engaging film documentaries featuring exceptional yet ordinary people. Aimed at inspiring today’s youth.

These unlikely Jewish heroes are often people whose lives have consistently reflected the values of our tradition and show an unstinting commitment to continuity and service.

They personify an authentic, relevant Judaism and their radiance and warmth cannot but touch the souls of viewers.

For example, we are currently working on a book and film project about the late Lady Amélie Jakobovits (“Lady J”). A very special woman, Lady J spread a huge amount of sunshine in the world, touching thousands of individuals with her sensitivity, smile and kindness, leaving an indelible impression on all who knew her. This production aims to encourage and inspire others to perpetuate her bubbly brand of loving, giving, Judaism.

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Holocaust Survivors series: “And You Shall Tell it to Your Children”

This powerful series of films explores the faith that miraculously sustained Jews during the darkest days of the Holocaust.

They celebrate the rebirth of the Jewish nation and the achievements of post-war generations, proudly perpetuating ancient tradition and embodying the unbounded spirit of the Jewish people.

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