Part IV: L’chaim – The Dov Landau Story

L’Chaim – To Life!

L’Chaim - To Life! documents the life and reflections of Holocaust survivor Dov Landau as he travels to Poland to pass on his story of survival to the next generation.

Separated from his mother at the age of fourteen, Dov survived the barbaric inhumanity of five camps, two ghettos and a death march. Making his way to Israel after the war, Dov heroically fought for Israel’s independence and was captured as a prisoner of war. Like so many survivors, Dov remained silent for many years about his Holocaust experiences.

Now Dov’s testimony has been recorded for posterity. L’Chaim- to Life! follows Dov
as he journeys to Poland both with his family, and later, with a group of young Jewish students and shares his memories of life before and during the Holocaust. Dov’s reflections are replete with inspirational inner strength, faith and energy, empowering future generations with his remarkable story of perseverance, courage and commitment to Jewish values and tradition.

L’Chaim - To Life! beautifully captures Dov’s joie de vivre, love for all people and
unwavering faith in God. This is an extraordinary story that must be told, with inspirational messages that must be heard and passed on to future generations.